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Italian Spring Day Pedagogical Advisor

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Hi! That's me : )

Hi! ; )
Glad to meet you! My name is ICT!
I am quite young, about... your age!
My mother's name is Board. Actually I call her... Motherboard! : )
I get along very well with my father! His name is Modem! He is so nice and friendly! He allows me to meet my friends and to be in constant touch with them!

I enjoy very much working for Spring Day in Europe! I'd like you to be among my mates! : )

Send me a photo of your Informatics lab so I can meet your PCs!
Add a paragraph or a few lines on a word file where you describe what you are doing at your school with them! I will make an album with all my pals' activities! If you have photos of your works, add the best one! Don't show yourselves, though: I want to protect your privacy!
Don't forget to mention what your school's name is and where you are from!
Bye! See you soon!
Love from your friend... ICT!

My Favourites

Favourite Song: European anthem!
Favourite TV show: Euronews
Favourite reading: European Charter of Fundamental rights
Favourite sports team: all of them
Favourite food: sweets... we have many good ones in E.U.!
Work in progress! Come back to us!!
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Safer internet ... together!

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